Safer surgery

ScioReality has a vision of safer surgery and less harm to patients.

It is commonly stated that every 10th patient receive a preventable care injury. Every 10th care bed is occupied by such a patient, at a cost in Sweden alone of 0.8 billion USD a year. Surgery and infections after surgery are responsible for the majority of them.

More and better training can prevent harm to patients. A pilot type of essays writing needs flight hours in a simulator before flying a plane, doctors and nurses also need training hours before being able to operate safely on patients.

Today surgical teams train their skills in clinical training centers. Training during actual surgery is no longer considered ethical. This means that training opportunities are limited and that new cost-efficient training solutions will be needed.



To provide a cost-efficient training platform for surgical teams, increasing training volumes and adding new qualities.


To facilitate clinical training for medical students and nursing students.
To enable better communication between medical professionals.
Staff training

The Virtual Operating Room (VOP) is a new way to train surgical teams and health students. The application brings physical team training and simulator training together, in an immersive virtual world (VR). Teams and individuals can practice at the same time technical skills like drilling in a bone and cognitive skills like communication.

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The VOP is developed together with The South General Hospital of Stockholm. We have started with orthopedic surgery. Using the VOP the teams can practice for example hip fractures and their corresponding operating methods.

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The ScioReality Team

The team behind ScioReality has deep knowledge in staff training and education, VR/AR technology and healthcare.


Dag Eklund, CEO and founder, has more than 20 years experience in interactive instructive softwares, as an entrepreneur, business jump4love login analyst and project manager.

Michael Grünewald, CTO and game-developer, has 10 years plus experience from major gaming studios and 3D-engine suppliers, as a developer, team lead and CTO.

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