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The team behind ScioReality has extensive experience in education, VR/AR/MR technology and healthcare.

ScioReality is a EdTech and MedTech company developing solutions for healthcare using VR / AR / MR- technology. The company started 2015 and is based in central Stockholm. ScioReality’s vision is to save lives through technology. A medical professionals competence is based on the amount of encounters of the disease or procedure. Imagine a world where a medical professional can meet a virtual patient and practice on a procedure endless times, without jeopardizing cost or lives.

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To provide a training platform for medical professionals with the aim to decrease cost, increase the quality of care and save lives.


To make traditional medical education more fun, effective, and to a lower cost.


To enable better communication between medical professionals to save lives.

Virtual Reality

In our Virtual Operating Room (VOP), ortopedic surgeons can practice on procedures in an individual, and team setting endless times without jeopardizing cost or lives.

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The VOP is developed in collaboration with Södersjukhuset. Using the VOP medical professionals will be able to experience a new, immersive and collaborative way of preparing for surgical procedures.

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Augmented Reality

In our Educational AR-app (EdAR), medical students can in a gaming setting learn basic anatomy, patient interaction and simple diagnostiks.

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EdAR has an incredible potential to improve the quality of education, decrease cost and make learning more fun and simple.

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Mixed Reality

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